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gottarocknroll's Journal

Metal, Rock, Guitar, Girls, Sex, Music
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All Members , Moderated
This community is open to all rock lovers and everything rock.

A few note:
- Don't be rude and don't send rude comments to anyone
- You may post up anything - including pix and stuff like that (nudity/porn allowed)
- Talk about any rock 'n' roll bands as you wish (No emo, nu-metal, or modern shit - we're talking AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns 'N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica - all the good bands)
- Old Punk/Alternative is cool to (Clash, Sex Pistols, etc.)
- Fuck these bands - Blink182, Good Charlotte, Pop Bands, all that bullshit
- Recommended - Introduce yourself and how you got into rock
- Are you a guitarist? Bassist? Drummer? Vocalist? If so share us your wisdom...
- Gotta love rock to be here

So rock n roll
Play guitar/bass/drums/sing
Bang your head
Grab some chix